A nifty detailed list of all our products' features.



Make edits, create new pages, and write captivating content with a simple drag and drop interface. Customize your website with easy editing tools and manage your business like never before.

Page Builder

Anyone at any skill level can build a fully-functional website using the simple drag and drop interface. Utilizing a row and column structure, the page builder can handle basic to super complex layouts with the built-in developer tools and by utilizing advanced options. Write, edit, and create without touching any code.


Whether you choose one of our brand templates as your base design for your website or a design from our growing collection of other templates, it's remarkably easy to customize the site to feature your logo, color palette, and desired typography. Change the images or use as is. The possibilities are endless.


Choose from a library of web page templates already populated with professionally written text and high-resolution stock images. Use the included text and images as is or as a starting point to create your own.


Demo the websites and view each piece of print material in detail. Every product comes exactly as you see it, no surprises, just beautiful design.

Mobile Friendly

Responsive design means you never have to say you're sorry. A mobile-first design approach means sites not only look beautiful on small devices, they were designed for it.

Search Engine Optimization

When you put time and money into your site, you want to make sure you're ranking well in the search engines so readers, clients, and customers can find you organically. Clean, optimized code in addition to smart design architecture ensures your site achieves the best rankings possible.

Use the built-in tools to customize the way search engines find your site and display your content to the world. Integrate keywords by customizing meta titles and descriptions.

Fully Managed Hosting

We take care of the monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, and server enhancements while you focus on what matters. This means you never touch a single line of code while we fully manage everything your site is built on.

Fast and Secure

Experience the peace of mind that comes from never having to worry about site speed, uptime, and security. Our sites are fully managed hosting environments, which means we take care of the technical stuff while you focus on your business and what really matters.


We create engaging experiences that help build your brand, attract new clientele, and further your brand message. Using the Phase Three platform, you'll have a website up and running within days, not months.



The portal is a web platform application built on the backend of your website that makes complicated day-to-day tasks easy and simple. The portal puts all those complicated to-dos in one place, making it a little easier to get things done. See a snapshot of what's important by customizing your personal dashboard with application-specific widgets. Create, edit, and assign tasks to team members while resolving a work order submitted by a client.


Know what's happening and be able to predict inefficiency. Customize your dashboard with specialized widgets that provide a quick overview on every facet of your portal. Drag, drop, resize, and customize, whatever makes you more productive.


Get notified when changes are made on the things that matter to you. Receive notifications inside your portal and through email. Customize your settings and choose which notifications you want and how you want them.

User Management

Let your clients become authenticated users and create an experience they'll never forget. Add, edit, and delete users or even deactivate their login. Even better, create custom fields and collect unique information from your users when they sign up.

A Suite of Productivity Tools

Enable custom applications, like work orders and support tickets, and automate your business so you have more time to focus on the things that matter the most.

White Labeling

Remove the Phase Three branding and make it your own. Upload your logo and customize the colors to match your brand message. Provide a user experience on your terms with your branding.

Custom Fields

Control the information you collect by creating custom fields. From textboxes to dropdowns, display these fields when users create new items in the apps and collect the information your business needs to stay productive and informed.

Support & Ticketing

Make every customer interaction a personalized one. Collaborate, automate, and build relationships while keeping your customers happy and your team productive.

Knowledge Base

Empower your team, visitors, and customers to find answers when they need them. Having a library of know-how keeps everyone on the same page.


Create an announcement and quickly send to an individual or group of users. Customize whether they get notified by email, text message, or just a notification on their dashboard. Communicate with your users and clients like never before.

A Powerful Platform to Manage Your Business

Manage complicated tasks, create work orders, receive support tickets, and much more. Connect with your clients and create an experience they'll never forget.


Set Recurring Due Dates

Not only can you schedule a due date for any given task, but you can also set recurring due dates for a multitude of tasks that you repeatedly handle on a weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.


In a team environment its imperative to have constant communication. With the commenting system, the person assigned to the tasks can make notes or those following the task can easily comment with status updates, questions, and feedback.

Assign a User

Any given project has several moving parts and tasks associated with it. The ability to assign different user team members to individual tasks will help keep the project on track and easily divvy up the workload.

Managing Due Dates

All tasks are listed in the Inbox, but with the Due Date feature you can get a quick snap shot of tasks that need to be done Today, Tomorrow, in the Next 7 Days, and also those that are Overdue to keep you on track.


Stop searching email for that document with pertinent information for your project. Within the task management system, easily attach files associated with the task at hand and stay organized.

Create and Share Lists

The list feature is a very powerful tool, especially for collaborative environments. Create your tasks and quickly add them to individual lists to keep organized. Once your list has been created and tasks added, simply share the list with the team so everyone can keep track of the progress.

Follow a Task

Sometimes team members need to keep tabs on a particular task assigned to someone else. By following a task you can access the task at any time to check the status, make a comment, or attach a file.

Setting Priorities

To help create some hierarchy in your work load, assign each task a Priority (Urgent, High, Medium, Low, and No Priority). Then you can easily sort tasks by Priority to accomplish things in order of importance.

Work Orders

Custom Fields

Custom fields make this powerful app work for you. Include dates, check boxes, dropdown options, file uploads, location information and much more. Fields allow you to collect all of the information needed to get the job done right the first time.

Create Tasks

Work Orders often have several to-do items to complete the project. The Task Management System is seamlessly integrated into each Work Order, so you can easily create tasks related to a particular order.

Groups & Tagging

Each Work Order can be tagged with a group (e.g., project names, client names, property names, etc). This feature aids in the search function and allows anyone assigned to the group the ability to access the order.

Commenting & Updates

Team members can comment on the Work Order to give status updates, relay more details, or just add progress notes. Updates allow those following the order to see changes made to the order, by whom, and on what date.


Statuses help you quickly see which phase the project is in. They're customized to your work flow with unique titles and color coding. One status is designated as the default for each new order to save time and at least one status completes or closes out the work order.

Assign a User

Whether a Work Order is created by a manager or customer service representative, each order can be quickly assigned to the main person responsible for any given project.

Follow a Work Order

As with tasks, several people may need to know the updates and details of a Work Order. The Follow feature allows multiple team members to be in the know any time, any where. Keep your team connected and in the loop.

Print Work Orders

Have a status meeting and need a quick snap shot of a Work Order? Use the print icon to easily print a report on any Work Order and choose exactly which areas to include, including the description, fields, tasks, and comments.



Bring your vision to life with the design that's right for you. Visualize an entire brand as a whole or dive into individual pieces to see the functionality, meaning, and purpose behind well researched designs.


We are hard at work creating new website and print templates every day to add to the current library of brands. Keep checking back to see what's new!